My specialty is designing clean-looking, concise sites which are informative and easy to navigate.

What you WILL get:

  • simple, tasteful, straight-forward design
  • easy navigation
  • extensive consultation every step of the way to ensure you end up with the page you had envisioned
  • reasonable prices

What you will NOT get:
  • confusing animations, busy backgrounds, blinking text and "neon" colors
  • "cookie-cutter" template designs - each site is designed from scratch and is unique

Click on the links below to see a few of my clients' websites.

Here are some comments received for the pages I have designed:

From "Elite Site Award": "This award signifies that your site contains quality content and has skillful design."

From "Syop's Award for Excellence": "We have visited your site, and found it to be very informative, with eyeappeal, fast loading, easy to navigate and links in working order. We wouldlike to thank you for your hard work and time that goesinto a site like this."
L.W., Seattle: "I love your website! It's a relaxing place Ilike to visit in the middle of a hectic day. You've done a wonderful job withit."

S. McCallen, Graphic Artist: "Kudos on a wonderful set-up; yourtime and attention to detail have certainly paid off. Your site is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Most excellent work!"

Peter Martin, "I happened to visit your web site - Cygnus Design. The web site you have designed for Zen Gardens and The Good Life are wonderful. The title banner is excellent. The prices you charge are reasonable. The white background with good font coloring makes your site attractive. The ease of navigation is top-shelf. All in all a very good site. The impact your site has on the visitor is amazing. Your site is a great example of your creativity and I am sure you will reach outto more and more people and your designs will be widely acclaimed."

Maddy E., Massachusetts: "Fantastic job...nice and accessible, and very attractive"

Trish, Sydney, Australia: "So well organised, so easy to navigate, and your photos are arranged wonderfully and with imaginative cropping. I thought the set-up was a great logical progression. Good neutral colours around and not too noisy a design that took away from the focal points."


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