"What will a web page cost me?" There is no simple answer to this question. Each site is different in content and size, and each presents a different degree of complexity in design.

I have found that the best way for both client and designer to arrive at a mutually agreeable price is to set out in as much detail as possible what the contents and look of the page should be, how many pages it should encompass, how many links, graphics, etc., and settle on a basic "flat rate" for the site. Any subsequent extras, additions or changes will be charged on a per item basis. A basic 3-page site with one graphic per page, e-mail link and some external links might run to approximately $ 200.00 or less. If a special background is required, or custom graphics, this amount will increase accordingly. Included in the price are the appropriate and detailed meta tags and registration of the site with some of the most popular search engines (please note: these are basic registrations only - for a top-of-page search engine result, a professional needs to be consulted who specializes in search engine placement, which can run into quite a bit of money).