The Good Life


Since we don't want to own a hole in the water that you pour money into (translation = a boat of our own!), we used to charter a sailboat every summer for a few weeks. One of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world are the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

There is nothing like moving along on a nice steady breeze, with only the sound of the water rushing past the hull...or being at anchor in the evening, watching the sunset after a good dinner and bottle of wine, the occasional seal poking his nose out of the water and looking at you with those big black eyes.

There are hundreds of quiet coves to anchor in overnight where you can watch kingfishers and blue herons patiently waiting for their dinner or take a turn along the shore in your dingy. Heaven!

For more information about sailing, Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page is one of the most awesome sites on the subject I've ever come across. If it's not there, it doesn't exist!

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