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GOOD FOR A CHUCKLE....some REALLY old slides, growing up in Switzerland!


  • Kat Kam - continuously updated image of Vancouver
  • Konaweb Cam - Kailua Bay, Hawaii (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the cam)
  • Eagle Cam - several bald eagle nests around B.C., watch the babies hatching and growing up live every year!

Car Talk with "Click & Clack", the funniest two car mechanics around...their weekly radio show is a ritual at our house!

The Pocket Internet - A collection of the funniest, weirdest, wackiest stuff on the web, as well as many very useful things - changes every month.

The Humour Net - TONS of jokes!


If you're in the mood to learn something new, why not attend a class at The Virtual University. This is where I learned basic HTML, but they have lots of other courses as well - it's all done over the web for a nominal fee, and you're bound to make new cyber-friends among your fellow students!

The Free Site - a very reliable source of TONS of freebies

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