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Travel is my passion...and I have been privileged to visit many interesting places around the world so far, including various areas of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Russia, Cuba, many countries in Europe, and Egypt.

Browse through my photo album and trip reports of just a few of the places I've visited!

'99 Eclipse
'98 Eclipse
'06 Eclipse
Belize Dig

But the best place is still always home! Here are some places which are very close to my heart, as they're all "home" for me.

Zurich, where I grew up
Switzerland, my native country ---> CLICK HERE FOR SOME PICTURES! <---

For the latest photos, click on the flag:

Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, my beautiful present home
The Big Island of Hawaii where I spend a few months every winter

Here are some useful links if you're planning a trip...

Personalized trip itineraries - showing best route, travel time, etc. - nifty!
MapQuest - put in an address and it will show you where it is on the map!
Travel Health Online
Check the weather anywhere in the world
Lonely Planet - lots of travel info here
Currency Converter - a handy little thing!
what time is it there? Find out the date and time anywhere in the world!

Happy Travelling!

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